Dreams And Vice

by Bara Blaque

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One year After Third World Hippy Bara Blaque Returns with Dreams and Vice
A 7 track EP giving the listener a peep into the psyche of the Young London Emcee
Old fans will find this as another layer to the rapper Bara Blaque
New fans God Knows. Enjoy and cop it if you like it.

I dedicate this Ep to all those who have influenced me both positively and negatively, all experiences i have come to realise have been needed and amazing experiences in hindsight every friend stranger enemy has helped me mould myself to the person i have to become and grown to understand. This is just a light project i felt i should share with the people before The album comes, all the lessons learnt from Bar A and Third World Hippy are shown on this EP i believe

Love to my mom ,my brothers my girl my family and anybody that takes the time to even listen to it talk less buy it. Wish you all the best

Free Bar of the day
Read a book talk is cheap

Bara Blaque



released March 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Bara Blaque London, UK


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Track Name: The Feeling (score by Tony Heron)
The future’s here throw a K in the air
If it’s crystal clear and you see it
If you present you got to feel it
If you hear one thing that appear to be real
To you, please repeat and speak it and preach it
To all of your people wherever streets lit
Share it, you in the presence of a realist
Presenting to you all the realest - I'm not fearless
I just fear less. My heart is freezing, if I see son
He getting seasoned any season forget the reason
I won't hear reason all the doubters in my past
Are past believing even enemies won't pass
The chance to pass me reefer now they hear him
Blaring through their speakers a nigga blessed
Like I get my bags of grass fresh from Eden
Bless the fresh this the fellowship of the realness
Give a fuck about all your feelings unless you feel this
Or I feel it's something I feel is appealing enough
To make me better or teach me I'm hanging high
Off a helix grinding at the back of my mind
I'm laughing inside finding it hard to answer why
These rappers find rhyming so tedious
Exterior boys are not smiling we eating
Chunks of your favourite rapper flying as
I'm picking my teeth and talking with food
In my mouth, spitting and coughing giving
Shout outs look at me when I'm speaking
Should really be more distinguished
I told you before I'm just an African boy
Born in London, England, business meetings
How I'm spending my London evenings
I cant believe it this rap shit I breathe it speak it
And leak it motherfucker I bleed it
Only god knows what the future holds
For Kuda but if I'm judged on flows just know
That it's adios to those who spitting
Claim to be competition fucking listen
None of them coming close before they cure
My sickness they’ll solve Gods genetic code
Construct an antidote for aids and the common cold
Probably even comatose or die command these prose
With such a professional approach, my mama hate I smoke
But she don’t know the game of thrones her baby boy chose
My turn to roll the die before I die expose these folks
For lesser quotes low behold best spoken Bara bespoke
Fine suits with the weed smoke on the D-low
Your bitch loving the D, ho
Coming over to receive strokes
So smokey in here she swear that she see ghosts
Know Koup don’t love but swear the Trio Puro Dope
Like no surprise bitch, we know

Then I'm back on the road
All alone on the road
Convo between I and me
Like that scene in the café where de Niro and Pacino meet
I'm trying to say my mind on heat time to be where I'm
Meant to be my niccuh Tokyo like he can hear the growth
But we both know I'm nowhere close to a younguns peak
This is just a young king's speech, listen to a young king speak

Product of mixed environments
Focusing on my craft working harder
Since the time we in nobody seems to be hiring
It's hard enough your pride is being tested
You vexed with your blessings you thinking
Of all the things to be blessed with why the F is
There got to be a mic involved
Jordan Jackson or Myers
Locked in the booth with half a dozen rottweilers
Ready to bite ya if you slip your lines up
Growing violent as I pile up, my lines electrifying
Hair at the back of my neck rising I'm so excited
This is the perfect climate for a nigga to climb in
And slip and slide some rhymes in, not even bias
With my shit and still feel that I'm the nicest
Don’t like it then you can try this nine-inch
Your pussy's far from the tightest
I'm not that far from the title
Bar for bar I go Michael Tyson with no biting
I lecture Lecter in a den of lions was told by a psychic
I had a gifted mind and decided to weaponise it
It's best that you recognize this West African
Mad messiah interested rates getting higher
And don’t be stupid it’s The Koup, bitch
Sell us bullshit don’t try it
We know the prices I'm Gidi I'm stingy
You'll know I'll price it
Can't appraise my shit praise my shit
You its priceless I see a bitch that I like
I win own and ride her tip toe beside her
That bitch stole, I Winona Ryder Ma
You know I'm fire Ma
You don’t believe in me
Then you can suck my big black
D I see yall fuck ing with Kuda
Track Name: Up Side Down (score by Glott)

Me no gangster but know a couple
Due to some dealings in various hustles
You are in the company of a future Russell
With a duffle of dreams I smuggled
Through customs life’s a puzzle
Every person a piece with a piece of them
Addicted to self destruction and personally
No psychic can psycho analyse my struggle
More chance you see him try to teach
An octopus to juggle wait for it
In the snow or jungle I hold the game
So fucking tight I might fucking burst a knuckle
Peep young’n running with thunder in a bottle
Constantly buzzing up in London
I’m lost and loving it fuck the government
They say they want to see the people rich
But a brother not convinced
Not stopping till I’m the better half
Of the fucking one per cent

Raise your bottles Up Side Down
Raise Your Bottles Up Side Down

Super villain I’m scheming
On top of your building leaning
And seeing all of the people
That I’ve been dreaming of leading
I’ve been meaning to find the meaning
To being fell first got back up
Reason being would’ve felt worse
On the floor feeling defeated

Super villain I’m scheming
On top of your building leaning
And seeing all of the people
That I’ve been dreaming of leading
I’m well versed in reason
In my circle failure is treason
The new gods need appeasing
Wise you pledge your allegiance

I know you missed me been moving swiftly
My moves are deadly check my last tapes
I’m dead already moving target I’m here ta’ get
The mula sharpish I’m a shark in this tsunami
Wave we call life, she fucking naughty
Hope she ready for this bukkake I’m about
To blow in your face rude boy
Known for behaving badly
The first African to make it into space
Don’t lead me into temptation
Cause I already know my way

Raise your bottles up Side Down
Raise your bottles up Side Down

Mischief on the loose taste for misfits
Blurry vision wicked women in my view
Degenerates locked in a room inhibitions
left dead in a tomb Vicious vixens mixing
their Rośe With their goose Ok no way
I ain’t doing one of them tonight
God give me strength I’ma make it two
Kind of bitch that’ll make a nigga
Break in to break in two
I’m that kind of nigga if I ain’t making moves
I’m making tunes ask your women bout that nigga
Looking fresh as fuck hair cut all black to the chucks
Hoody it’s The Koup we going in as some sinners
We going out as some martyrs give me a rebel for dinner
I’ll own your city tomorrow give me a redbone
For breakfast she drop that pussy for Bara
These people they cant summit I’m steady moving to the summit
Fuck a comment I sip my cognac hop over the pond and respond
To anyone who want it

Raise your bottles up side down
Raise your bottles up side down