Up Side Down (score by Glott)

from by Bara Blaque

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Me no gangster but know a couple
Due to some dealings in various hustles
You are in the company of a future Russell
With a duffle of dreams I smuggled
Through customs life’s a puzzle
Every person a piece with a piece of them
Addicted to self destruction and personally
No psychic can psycho analyse my struggle
More chance you see him try to teach
An octopus to juggle wait for it
In the snow or jungle I hold the game
So fucking tight I might fucking burst a knuckle
Peep young’n running with thunder in a bottle
Constantly buzzing up in London
I’m lost and loving it fuck the government
They say they want to see the people rich
But a brother not convinced
Not stopping till I’m the better half
Of the fucking one per cent

Raise your bottles Up Side Down
Raise Your Bottles Up Side Down

Super villain I’m scheming
On top of your building leaning
And seeing all of the people
That I’ve been dreaming of leading
I’ve been meaning to find the meaning
To being fell first got back up
Reason being would’ve felt worse
On the floor feeling defeated

Super villain I’m scheming
On top of your building leaning
And seeing all of the people
That I’ve been dreaming of leading
I’m well versed in reason
In my circle failure is treason
The new gods need appeasing
Wise you pledge your allegiance

I know you missed me been moving swiftly
My moves are deadly check my last tapes
I’m dead already moving target I’m here ta’ get
The mula sharpish I’m a shark in this tsunami
Wave we call life, she fucking naughty
Hope she ready for this bukkake I’m about
To blow in your face rude boy
Known for behaving badly
The first African to make it into space
Don’t lead me into temptation
Cause I already know my way

Raise your bottles up Side Down
Raise your bottles up Side Down

Mischief on the loose taste for misfits
Blurry vision wicked women in my view
Degenerates locked in a room inhibitions
left dead in a tomb Vicious vixens mixing
their Rośe With their goose Ok no way
I ain’t doing one of them tonight
God give me strength I’ma make it two
Kind of bitch that’ll make a nigga
Break in to break in two
I’m that kind of nigga if I ain’t making moves
I’m making tunes ask your women bout that nigga
Looking fresh as fuck hair cut all black to the chucks
Hoody it’s The Koup we going in as some sinners
We going out as some martyrs give me a rebel for dinner
I’ll own your city tomorrow give me a redbone
For breakfast she drop that pussy for Bara
These people they cant summit I’m steady moving to the summit
Fuck a comment I sip my cognac hop over the pond and respond
To anyone who want it

Raise your bottles up side down
Raise your bottles up side down


from Dreams And Vice, track released March 16, 2015




all rights reserved


Bara Blaque London, UK


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